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Vuta N'kuvute Translation

My English translation of the Swahili novel Vuta N'kuvute by Shafi Adam Shafi.

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Safari ya Prospa Translation

My English translation of the Swahili novel Safari ya Prospa by Elieshi Lema.

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JCompiler | A compiler for the J array programming language.

PyxelDesigner | Build a retro game using the Pyxel game engine for Python.

Hifadhidata | Solve SQL challenges, with solutions auto-verified against PostgreSQL.

JengaMtandao | Replicate the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of instructor-provided designs.

NyokaTofali | Use blocks to design solutions to Python challenges; solutions are auto-verified by backend.

OpenPplSoft | An open source runtime for Oracle's PeopleSoft enterprise software suite.

CertChain | A blockchain-based decentralized network consensus protocol for use in cryptographic certification and revocation of higher education credentials.

MyLocker | Stanford University's central location from which students retrieve and send their electronically signed diplomas and certificates.

Enterrupt | A university enrollment system that interfaces with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions via Integration Broker.

SimpleEval | Stanford University's annual performance review application, used by 1,000+ Stanford faculty and staff each year.

SimpleEnroll | Stanford University's course enrollment system, used by Stanford's 16,000+ student body throughout the year.

VPharma-Calc | A dashboard indicating the amounts of various pharmaceuticals at wastewater treatment plants across the state of Virginia.

NAVFIG Task Order | A more efficient way for NAVFIG personnel to manipulate geospatial data in a legacy database using their existing ArcGIS front-end.

FNMOC Task Order | A JSP console and a set of geospatial data parsers allowing for the manipulation of geospatial weather observations and alerts.


The resources, lessons, and software I developed while teaching various STEM topics to secondary school students in Tanzania are available here.


My literary interests over the years.


Everything there is to know.