for Enterrupt | (Java, ANTLR, PeopleSoft, SQL, Oracle, AWS)

An open source runtime for PeopleSoft. A typical PeopleSoft application is usually composed of several different types of assets, but the most common and traditional of these are PeopleSoft components. Components are run by the Component Processor, a proprietary runtime embedded within PeopleTools. OpenPplSoft aims to be a faster, more flexible, clean room implementation of the Component Processor.

My primary goal with OpenPplSoft was to have fun, learn, and challenge myself to see how much of the Component Processor I could reverse engineer. Other projects and goals took me away from OpenPeopleSoft, and more work is needed for it to run entire components. This ended up becoming a huge, ~15,000 LOC project written mainly in Java. I've had the most fun writing the PeopleCode interpreter; the main interpreter file is located here and the underlying ANTLR grammar is located here. The entire source code repository is located here.