for Tanzania Education Corp. | (Python, Django, Node.JS, Blockly)

GitHub repository: EducationalSoftwareLabApplications

NyokaTofali is my fork of the EduBlocks project, which seeks to ease the transition from using MIT Scratch's block interface to writing Python code. EduBlocks was published online at exactly the same time that I was searching for a way to accomplish this myself, so thankfully I was spared the time and effort needed to integrate Google's Blockly with a web-based editor. Building off EduBlocks as a foundation, I fixed some problems with the codebase, cleaned up some code, added some new blocks, and changed the name to NyokaTofali ("snake block" in Swahili).

In addition, I split the front and back ends of the system apart. This allows the front-end, which is occasionally updated with new blocks, to be hosted on a central network location so that updates don't need to be performed on every client. The back-end, which rarely if ever changes, runs separately on each client, and thus can be used to interact with local client applications such as Minecraft.