NAVFIG Task Order

for Avineon | (.NET, VBA, ArcGIS)

I worked on a team comprised of several Avineon developers to create a more efficient way for NAVFIG personnel to manipulate geospatial data in a legacy Access database (NAVTERPS) using their existing ArcGIS front-end (AVNAVTERPS). The effort required us to develop VBA functions within ArcGIS that could call out to a shared library capable of running existing VBA functions embedded in the database.

I was tasked with developing the shared library (named TERPSLinker). This project was one of my favorites because I got to work within a complex domain and create a working Windows installer for TERPSLinker. The first screenshot above shows NAVTERPS in its 1GB, legendary glory; the others show code running in ArcGIS using data retrieved via TERPSLinker.