for Stanford University | (Python, JavaScript, Django, PostgreSQL, Oracle Linux)

I developed the initial version of MyLocker, a new service offered by Stanford University to students and alumni, allowing them to retrieve and send their electronically signed diplomas and certificates from a central location. When the Registrar's Office expressed a need for such a service, Senior Director of Student, HR, and Middleware Systems Sameer Marella produced the design and vision behind MyLocker, which I implemented in collaboration with all aforementioned and related parties. MyLocker is a Django application that uses Box as a file storage layer; this design effectively decouples the management of documents from the application itself, and obviates the need to store sensitive files on the MyLocker application servers.

In less than 90 days, Administrative Systems and the Registrar's Office conceived, implemented, and released the first version of MyLocker to the university community, an uncommon project lifecycle in a world where software is more often promised than it is delivered.